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Our Governors are volunteers they are made up of people from the local community and the chair is a Co-op Governor.

A Co-op Governor is a person who works for the Co-op and is required by the Trust to ensure we are in touch with the Co-op values and standards. 

Our Governors support our school leaders and help them make sure we provide the best possible education and life chances for our pupils. Governors volunteer their time to help ensure we are working at our best, and it is a key responsibility to make sure that our schools understand the needs of their communities and that everyone who has an interest in the school is able to make their voice heard when decisions are being made.

As well as recruiting Governors from our local communities, parents are welcome to apply for a role as a parent Governor. This exciting opportunity offers training and guidance to allow you to become an active member of our academy Governing council and school community.


Contacting the Governors 

Anyone in our community is welcome to contact the Governors to give them feedback or raise concerns, you can do this by:

Letter: Please enclose any letter in a sealed envelope and mark as confidential and for the attention of the Governors, you can then give this to the school office who will ensure it is delivered to the Chair of Governors. 

Our Chair of Governors is: Sandra Teasdale

Co-op Academy Trust's Governance

Overall responsibility for Governance of the Trust sits with the Trust Board. They have the legal responsibilities for the trust and for all its staff and pupils. You can find out more about the Trust Board on our Trust website.