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Welcome to

Co-op Academy Southfield

Confident, Resilient, Independent

Our Vision and Values

Our curriculum is literacy rich and is broad and balanced

Our Curriculum

We value our students and their uniqueness

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Welcome to

Co-op Academy Southfield

We value our students and their uniqueness. We will never let anything get in the way of our high aspirations for them. To make sure that they achieve all that they are capable of, we will ensure that our curriculum is literacy rich and is broad and balanced so that the students have exposure to a curriculum that engages and challenges them regardless of their background.

A Warm Welcome
From our Headteacher

Victoria Clough, Headteacher

I am extremely proud to be the newly appointed Head of School at Co-op Academy Southfield, after working here for over 10 years. I have taught within special schools for almost 14 years and have held senior leadership positions in 3 of them.

Our School Overview


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Ofsted Report

1 of 34 Academies in the Trust

​​​​​​​What do people say?

The leadership team has ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose. There is a strong and shared safeguarding culture throughout the school, which is supported by designated leaders in each key stage.


My son has grown so much in confidence since he has been at this school. He feels safe and is happy. As a parent of a child with autism, I feel so lucky that he gets all the help and support that he needs.


The number of pupils entering the school has increased sharply over recent years and, at the same time, the school is supporting a greater number of pupils with complex needs. Despite these pressures, at the heart of the school is your strong commitment to meeting the needs of every pupil. In the light of these changes, you have ensured that the curriculum is effective in preparing pupils for adulthood and their place in the community


My child is very happy here. She feels she belongs, the teachers understand her, and she enjoys school.


Parents welcome communication with staff and say that leaders are always quick to respond to any concerns. Parents feel that their views are listened to and that they are encouraged to make a positive contribution to their children’s education.


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